From savory to sweet all in one Basket





Terms and Conditions

Chef with the Basket

I would like to advise you that in case of cancellation from your side, certain costs
will be charged.
7 days prior to the event: 10% cancellation fee
Cancellation 3 days in advance of event: All products already ordered and any
work hours that might have already arisen will be charged.
Cancellation 2 days in advance of the event: Full price of ……. CAD will be charged.
I would also like to advise you that in light of the current pandemic I am adhering
to strict public health recommendations (wearing nose and mouth cover, more
frequent handwashing and disinfection, etc.) in order to prevent infections.
Should there be any infections in the aftermath of the event, I do not take any
responsibility for this and I cannot be held liable.
By returning the signed quote, you agree to the above mentioned conditions.

With kind regards,