From savory to sweet all in one Basket


Bread and Food list 23/04/23
(Chef with the Basket)

Pick up points Gatineau/Toys Rus, 25 la Savane Ottawa/Dalhousie st.190 in front of little Amsterdam
Sunday at 3pm in Gatineau and 4pm Ottawa


Potato Bread, caraway ( Kartoffel Brot) 8,00$

Rye Sunflower seeds Bread ( Roggen Sonnenblumen Brot) Sourdough 8,50$

Whole wheat bread, seeds ( Vollkorn Brot) 8,50$

Pita Bread (like German Doener Bread) per each 4,50$

Onion,Bacon tart ( Fraenkischer Zwiebelkuchen) per slice 5,00$ or a hole 8 x 11 inch 25,00$

Swiss Roll, chocolate sponge cake, cream, strawberries per slice 5,00$ or a hole Rolle 25,00$

Austrian Gulasch( Stew ) Frozen per 500gr/1lbs 15,00$

Spaetzle ( German egg noodles ) Frozen per 500gr/1lbs 6,00$ \

Granola Mix’s, oats, maple sirup, golden raisins 250gr or 500gr 5,00$/9,00$


All my Products made from scratch, no convenience products,own farm eggs, license kitchen.
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